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Between fearful and careful

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Careful can make us fearless while fearful can make us careless

There is probably quite a lot we can say about these two experiences which many times we are confused with. I will try to make an observation .

There is a big difference between being fearful or careful, just like with being fearless or careless. I will not go into the psychology aspect of it, I'm not a psychologist, But I have been self inquiring for some time and that's what I would like to share here with you.

Whether we understand our fears or not we can probably agree that the first reaction for most of us in the moment of fear will be to try and avoid that which we believe to be the cause . Some may say that it is also a good thing that can protect us from danger, but if we check we may find that we are fearing fear itself which means that what we are practicing again and again in the presence of fear is how to avoid it.

What happens when we transform fearful into careful.

Falling down the stairs may create a fear that will be triggered the next time we are going down any stairs. Fear that will make us unconfident and subsequently will increase the chance of falling again .

Now try going down the stairs replacing fearful with careful and see what happens.

Careful can make us fearless while fearful can make us careless

Without the power of observation it is not possible to transform our fearful state into a careful one, once this power is being cultivated the shift is possible.

On the self inquiry study we are challenged with experiencing our selves directly, without any interpretation coming from our personalty's conditions and patterns. In other words, letting our personalty rest.

Doing that may create the fear of loosing all that which was leading us through life until now, all to replace it with what? Going for the unknown on that level can be very scary but nevertheless should raise the question, if the reason why we choose to keep things as they are is fear, doesn't it make fear our motivation? Or should we say, the avoidance of it. Understanding that we will not wish to be lead by fear is already a powerful realization.

We will just do whatever we can to change that. Trying and failing as many times as necessary. But also understanding that by distinguishing between the two states we have a very useful way of releasing fear from our systems.

moving fearless in the world doesn't make you careless it makes you freer.

We can think of any fearful situation and just switch the word fearful with careful and immediately it will change our perspective. Please check.

Sending to all of you a fearless love.


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