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Voice Being: From Sound to Silence
3,5-Day Retreat with Shai Dayan
8th-11th October, Alentejo, Portugal

- - What is really silence and where do we find it? - -

Silence seems to be the space where all sound, light, senses and mind can manifest, appear and disappear. It seems that silence is not the opposite of noise, rather it is its background.
Like the canvas of a painting being the background and the place where all the different lines, shapes, colors and stories are being manifested.

In silence there is no movement, no vibration. It is prior to that. Its purpose of being is accomplished by its presence alone, therefor there is no need in it of any kind, therefor no movement, only silent stillness. While experiences are in constant movement and change the background is unchanging, ever listening, ever present.

The beauty of it is that we don't have to spend so much energy anymore on trying to remove that which we consider a 'noise'. Instead we start to experience ourselves as the silent space behind all. As a result our daily life will be profoundly influenced by the forces of this space which are peace, fearlessness, contentment, trust in life and a simple joy and flow.

And this is what the Voice Being retreat is about.

Voice Being Retreat in practice:

In the retreat we will integrate the simple and direct techniques of the “Voice Being” work. A basic principle of this work is that the knowledge of using the voice is a pure knowledge, we use it as soon as we come into this world, nobody taught us how to do it, we just know.

The 3.5 days retreat will contain the main work of Voice Being accompanied by breath work ( Yossi Dayan: and movement work (Joos Zsofi and Éva Kormos Pavanjeet Kaur). At some point we may propose the group to stay in silence daily, with exception of working sessions.

Using the voice in a particular way can allow us to tune in to that pure knowledge which is still very much alive in us.
We will work with breath, voice, walks and meditation. We will bring ourselves gradually from sound into silence.

During the workshop:
- We are invited to increase our breath capacity and energy flow, to get to know our real voice, to sing intuitively, move and dance freely, and enjoy the depth and stillness of meditation.
- We are invited to develop and turn these tools into a simple and an every day means of unfolding our freedom and to express it.
- We are invited to remember our freedom.

The presence of a supportive group energy and close environment of nature, creates an opportunity for every one of us to attentively look at ourselves, and to experience the depth and lightness of Being.

The retreat will take place in a unique place in the middle of Portuguese nature. It will have the intimate atmosphere and very unique opportunity that we will have time for individual questions and clarifications.



We will gather before breakfast for meditation and breath work, continuing with approximately a 3-hour workshop after breakfast and after lunch . In the evening we are invited to have different body work ( dance-meditation, kundalini yoga, or relaxation, sitting around a fire making music or being only with our self. )

- - P R A C T I C A L - I N F O R M A T I O N - -


Alentejo, Pereiro Grande.

FOOD: (healthy and simple vegan breakfast, lunch, dinner) will be provided with Love and with the assistance of volunteers. We would like that each participant help once or twice half an hour in the kitchen and generally we take care about cleaning the space together.

LANGUAGE: The workshop will be held in English.

- - C O S T S - A N D- R E S E R V A T I O N S - -

Workshop: 200 Euro or 150 Euro for couples and scholarship.

Accommodation: ( the workshop price does not include the accommodation)
Tent: 8€ per night/
Double caravan: 20€per night
Single caravan: 15€ per night
Food: 40 euro for the whole time ( simple, vegetarian food, 3 meals per day)

Reservation: 1. e-mail:
2: deposit: 60 Euro deposit* transfer
* we do not pay back the deposit but if you cancel your participation more than a week before the retreat , you can use the deposit to any other workshop or retreat.

Timing: Arriving: 8h October between 4pm-6pm, registration is until 6pm
Departing: 11th October around 5-6pm

Please respect the arriving and leaving time. We consider this retreat as one process so we would like to start it with the whole group and finish it together.

- - T R A N S P O R T - -:
We give transfer from the train staion (Funcheira) to the retreat place for those who comes by train. We will ask you to leave by the 10am train from Lisboa.

About Shai Dayan:

He is a multi-instrumental improvisation artist and a voice healer who studied philosophy and meditation in India for 5 years and takes non-dual perspective into part of his life.
In the last 15 years exploring the relationship between music and freedom and its use as a tool which allow us to unfold our nature. Teaching improvisation and self inquiry workshops in Israel and Europe and composing music for dance projects and films.

+ info:, whats app: +36 204635220 (Zsofi), +48 696611952 (Kasia)

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