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Remembering our true voice


When we come to this world, one of the first things we do is voiceing ourselves.

Nobody taught us how to do it, we just know because we are still one with sound.


It is only later that for whatever reasons we feel separated from our original source and so we begin to feel separated from our voice which in its free form represent our original self.

This new online course will aim for bringing us closer to our voice,

to our original selves.

One of the main things that makes us feel separated from the natural ability to allow life's inspiration to flow through us is control.

Control can be a useful thing if not motivated by fear.

Fear usually comes from the sense of separation.  

Growing up in a suspicious and fearful environment worsening this cycle to a degree where we may find ourselves increasingly frustrated and discontent with our interests, our passions, relations and ourselves in general.

we will use different technics that will help us remember the forgotten natural ability to feel free  and refreshing the sense of trust in life and ourselves as one.

The course will be recorded and i will be sending a recording after each session, so if you are not available for the whole  course (which is recommended) you can still follow the  practice.

Please contact me for any further information.

We will meet 4 times, every Monday from the 16th of May to the 06th of June ,

at 5 pm Lisbon time.

The price of the course is 65 euros.

Registration is made by Payment via card or by bank transfer or via Revolut.



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