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The Voice Being

The human voice is one of the most fascinating and meaningful phenomena in human life. And yet is suffering from a surprisingly lack of attention.

In past times people has used the wisdom of the voice in order to learn about the spiritual and physical being of life.

It seems that there were periods in history were the knowledge on the subject was wide and useful. At some stage man's attention has been diverted away from his voice and its secrets and the wisdom of the voice was lost.

In present times, it seems as if a new interest is awakening, people are newly discovering the knowledge of the voice. 

This amazing knowledge is returning to guide people in their search for wisdom and joy.


The voice has two main elements, breath and sound.

The breath is filling us with life force, and this force does not discriminate between your breath or main. In order to breath we don't need thought or emotion of any kind.

The sound rises from the depths of our body and mind, and carries with it a unique and personal knowledge.

With the help of the power of breath, the voice is being led outside of the body and into the world. And so the human voice is being born.

In our voice we are expressing the similar and the different, the general and the personal, the unique and universal simultaneously.

Thus the study of our voice gives us a unique opportunity to learn about these two dimensions of the human life.


The one who is concentrated on the personal dimension,

may find himself losing touch with the root of his being.

The one who tends towards the general, may lose touch with the world.


There are three aspects to this work;

One aspect, deals with the more technical dimension of the Voice;

Breath as a carrier of energy and sound, The profound connection

Between breath and voice, The flow and resonance of the voice

In deferent parts of the body , Paying attention to the sensations

That the voice is awakening in the body and mind.

What is outer and inner voice. The study of our personal vocal range and the physical and energetic aspects of it.

In what way do we influence and being influenced by our voice and other voices around us. What is a total listening, how does our body absorbs and carries sound. What tapes of listening is there.


The second aspect, deals with the information that is being

Carried within our individual voice. How a voice turns in to singing,

A word, a language. How a sound turns in to a melody.

What composes the sounds, carries them bounces them in to a melody. Where this flow is happening, How do we tap in to it.

How do we stop from interfering with its natural movement.


The third aspect is more abstract; we let the questions go,

And we pay attention to the breath, to our body, to the presence

Which experiences our voice, which is looking through the eyes,

Through all our conditionings. without interfering, without having an opinion Or judgment. Experiencing things as they are, pure and simple.



The study of the wisdom of the voice is fascinating and rejoicing me for many years now. I feel that there is much yet to be unfold. But the path is beautiful and fascinating and full of surprises and gifts.

I tend to question a lot, trying not to worry about the answers.

I enjoy the dance in the worlds and you are most welcome to join me.



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