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Resting in the unknown
Practice and philosophy.

Most of us are struggling on a daily basis to keep our lives in line with our idea of how our lives should be.

There are many life examples, as many as the number of people on this planet, and there is something in common to all, we will all try to live according to what we already know.

 Few are the moments and fewer are the people who will step out into the unknown.

The thing is that it is there whether we like it or not and not going there is like ignoring parts of ourselves which is what life is constantly trying to show us, the complete human experience.

Obviously there is nothing necessarily wrong with what we know, it is simply not all that we are.

Improvisation is an invitation to explore the unknown, simple as that. To find out what happens when we stop following what our habits, preferences, education, traumas, expectations and fears are telling us to do, rather allow ourselves to surrender to pure inspiration with full trust.

Even though it is good to be familiar with our instrument, whether it is our voice, body or any personality trade, it is not about that, if we are not aware, that can be in fact the very thing that will hold us back.

So improvisation is not simply doing what we want, because even that will be according to some idea of what we want, it is a form of a deep attentiveness and listening and an ongoing letting go of everything in us that is trying to tell us what to do.

The art of it is to find the place within us that allows us to rest in this unknowingness effortlessly, fearlessly.






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