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Idel, Moshe - Language, Torah & Hermeneu


Human Beings are living and communicating in two dimensions,

The Human dimension and the Being dimension.  

Each has its own reality and each reality has its own language.                

Both are intertwine in such a way which allows the manifestation of pure existence, body, mind to be as one .

It is said that in the beginning there was nothing, only the spirit of God. Then God said something, a magic spell, a kind of "Abra Kadabra" , which in fact means in Aramaic, (an ancient language related to Hebrew) " I will create that which I speak", let there be light.               


It was also mentioned that we were created in God's image and that we possessed this power of creation, .. I don't think we lost it, we, for whatever reason only forgot it and we can remember.

We can see that through different references in different scriptures, we come to know that from the ancient times Humans has acknowledged two kind of languages, one is the language of creation which is the language of vibration and sound and the other is the language of the creature which conveys our thoughts and emotions., the language of the Being and the language of the Human.

I feel that the sacred language is our way of bringing back magic, mystery and authenticity to our everyday life, it is when the spirit is consciously participating in the conversation. 

When there is harmony between the Human and the Being, life in this world might be lived in a fuller and freer way. 

What is in the course ?

There are 4 chapters in the course, each includes both theoretical and practical information including varies exercises. 

The classes are about one hour each, in the 4th class there are some extra recordings including extended information.

Attached to the recordings there are some links to sources of further information and inspiration on the subject.

The price for the course is 55 euros.


We will work with:

The inspiration to this work comes from the Sufi, Hindu, Jewish traditions but mostly through my own experience, which is for me the main source of knowledge and something that i strongly recommend for you as well, to directly experience the knowledge rather then leave it in a theoretical, intellectual realms. 

Some of the topics we will encounter with are:

- Exploring the 5 great sounds (Oo, Ah, Eh, Ee, Uu) .

- Head movements corresponding to the 5 sounds and 6 directions.( taken from the Hebrew language).

- The root name of God.  

- Location of letters (vibrations) in our body ( according to ancient Jewish text )

- Voice and movement liberation.                                                              -  - The practice of sensing rather than thinking, sensation rather than interpretation. 

- The use of Attention, Intention  and direction.                                              - Following the process of the creation of a word (a form, a name, sound and meaning).                 

- Exploring the energy of a letter, a note. ( A, B..) 

And more.                                          

I hope you will enjoy it.



If you are interested please register via left button, writ me your name and anything else which you find relevant.
complete the payment process via right button, if you prefer another payment method please contact me.
once registration has been completed you will receive a link with which you will be able to download the course folder to your device.
Please let me know if there are any other questions.


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