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Healing through voice and music


Awernes Through Voice

The Sacred Language

            An online course
Few months ago we where having this unique course which because of its unusual structure I'm not sure if we will have it again any time soon.
So because of that and because of people who were asking about it, i have prepared a bundle of the 4 meetings videos and audios for you to download and watch at your free time.
The videos are approx 1:15h, it includes explanations, exercises and practice.

It costs 50 euros for the 4 meetings videos and separate audios and one month in which you can contact me for any relevant discussion arising from your study.

Below you will find the original invitation, a short introduction video and a more elaborated text about the course.

What you need to do is push the registration button to let me know that you are interested, other button for payment, then i send you a link to the course file to be downloaded.

Please let me know if there are any other questions.

Love and freedom




It feels that we as Human Beings are operating/communicating in two dimensions,

The Human dimension and the Being dimension.  

Each has its own reality and each reality has its own language.                

Both are intertwine in such a way which allows the manifestation of pure existence and body/mind to be as one .

It is said that first there was nothing, only the spirit of God. Then God said something, a magic spell, a kind of "Abra Kadabra" , which in fact means in Aramaic, (an ancient language related to Hebrew) " I will create that which I speak".                  

That something that God uttered was created and the moment something appears, it is starting to communicate, that’s how creation moves.                                                     

It was also mentioned that we were created in God's image and that we possessed this power of creation, .. I don't think we lost it, we, for whatever reason only forgot it and we can remember.

We can see that through different references in different scriptures, we come to know that from the ancient times Humans has acknowledged two kind of languages, one is the language of creation and the other is the language of the creature, the language of the Being and the language of the Human.

I feel that the sacred language is our way of bringing back magic, mystery and authenticity to our everyday life, it is when the spirit is consciously participating in the conversation. 

When there is harmony between the Human and the Being, life in this world make sense, otherwise, not so much. 

If you feel that any of that inspires you, keep reading.. otherwise, it is all good.



What will happen in the course?

Since it is well known that I'm not at all a methodical kind of Human and I wish not to limit us in the name of some method, I will try and putt some of the topics we will explore in a somewhat cohesive manner.  

Maybe first I will give some examples of the different qualities I see in the two languages and then some direction of practice.


Human                    Being                                                                    Sound                     Breath                                                                    Form                       Vibration                                                            Mind                      Space                                                                    Thought                   Sensation                                                                  Unique                    Universal                                                                Words                     Music                                                                    Tangible                   Abstract                                                                  Meaning                  Direct experience                                                      Interpretation             Observation                                                              Movement                Stillness                                                                    Mortal                      Eternal                                                                  Bound                      Free                                                                      And so on..


We will work with:

Voice and movement liberation.                                                                  The practice of sensing rather than thinking, sensation rather than interpretation    The use of Attention, Intention  and direction.                                                3 Dimensional breathing and voicing within the vertical and horizontal body.    Exploring the 5 great sounds (Oo, Ah, Eh, Ee, Uu) .                                      Head movements corresponding to the 5 sounds and 6 directions.( taken from the Hebrew language)                                                                              Following the process of the creation of a word (a form, a name).                  Exploring the energy of a letter, a note. ( A, B..)                                            Exploring the birth of a natural melody.                                                        Getting to know ourselves better.  .                                                              Meditation                                                                                            Questions and Answers.

We would probably not be able to cover all that in this short time, but it is a start and maybe we would feel like keep going .


Big love love to all of you.


Idel, Moshe - Language, Torah & Hermeneu
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