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Living in vibration

 Online course.


We live two different versions of our lives, one is perceptual and the other vibrational.

One we experience through our senses, thoughts and emotions.

The other one we simply feel.

Two different languages, two different kinds of experiences, one life.

Being a vibrational creature gives us the natural ability to know our world as such, for some reason this skill has been forgotten.

The Sufi says "the music is hidden in the language like the soul

is hidden in the body".

Following our voice and music can lead us back to our vibrational nature.                Following vibration can lead us to our peaceful and absolutely free self.


This course will be dedicated to the re discovery of our inherent ability to experience our lives on a vibration level. 

Developing an acute listening and sensing ability which allow us

to feel life, not only perceive it.

Sound/Voice is not being heard only, it is being felt as well.                                      We will explore how following this principle can remind us of a much richer, deep, innocent and intimate relationship we can have with life.

We will practice it and find the simple everyday ways

with which this knowledge can change our lives.


We will have 5 meetings, once every Wednesdays.

The meeting will be between 1 to 1.5 hours.

At 5pm Lisbon time.

From the 21st of February to the 20th of March.

The price for participation is 100 Euros.

You can register by paying via

RevolutLT22 3250 0672 2335 7355

Paypal -

Bank Transfer - Name: Asher Shai Dayan
Bank: Millennium bcp
PT50-0033 0000 4553200981205


Once you have registered please send me a message with your name here.

Thanks and warm hugs


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