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Awernes Through Voice

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Our voice as a medicine

             online course
Starting Monday the 31st of January

About Shai:

I have been doing this work in different versions for the last 20 years.                   I was making music for most of my life until I was introduced to Meditation some 30 years ago, this encounter shifted everything .

I left my old life and dedicated my time and energy for the spiritual practice until it felt like it's time to find a way to combine my passionate love for music and my fascination with sound with my un conditional love of spirit.                                              

That is how this work came about and this is what I would like to share with you.

When i first started exploring the voice i have soon noticed that the voice, being movement ( vibration) is inspiring movement.

I have noticed how it creates movement in my physical body as well as in the energy body, i have also noticed how my spirit reacts to it.

so i started experimenting in using the voice in ways which moves me teaching me that vibration and stillness are different but infect one.

For example, i found voices that created movement in the digestion system encouraging it to digest and release.

I also found voices that encouraged emotional stuck energy to open up and move on

and i have noticed the voices that expresses love and kindness,

i have found the voices that elevates the spirit allowing peace to be.

I have also noticed that it is all a natural low, operating in all levels of creation.

So when we use a voice with the knowledge of its vibration

and we add to it our attention with the help of our intention

and when we know how to let go and allow the original free voice to be,

When we do that, we use our voice as a medicine,

one of the most powerful healing forces there is.

So I am dedicating this short On-line course for the basic study

of voice medicine and its benefits.

We will have 4 chapters in the course, one hour and a bit each.

Each chapter will focus on another aspect of our voice as a medicine,

some theory, some philosophy and a lot of practice, as much as this short time will allow. for the more interested students there will be a level 2 course after which you will be able to practically use your voice as a medicine by yourself.

The price for the course is 75 euros. ( 65 euros for early registration until the 26th )

The dates are  Mondays the 31st of January, 07th, 14th, 21st of February.

Classes will start at 5pm Lisbon time, They will be live on Zoom,

students will receive video and audio recording of each class .

I hope to meet you in voice and medicine, inspiration and peace.








Payment can be made by PayPal, card or money transfer .

Once you have registered, please send a message with your full name 

and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate.


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