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Being Everyday
On-line course
Voice is Sound and Breath
We are Human and Beings
Sound is the Unique Human
Breath is the Universal Being
Together they are what we know as the Human-Being
 One of our main challenges in this life is to find the way to bring both the Human and the Godly aspects of ourselves into harmony, into its natural balance.
By birth we were given the perfect instrument with which we can be guided back to our original harmony, The voice.
In its core the voice is the manifestation of both
the uniqueness of the Human sound and the universality of breath As one.
In the course we consider Body, mind and spirit as a spiritual practice.
And so, working with the voice on these different aspects of ourselves.
The practice is inspired by Hindu, Sufi and Jewish mystic traditions 
incorporated within my direct experience.
On the body level we explore the voice vibration as a physical sensation.
On the mind level we inquire into the power of letters and words.
On the spirit level we experience how particular sounds can lead us to silence.
Love to all.

Dear Friends, welcome to 'Being Everyday' invitation.

There are many behavior patterns that are ruling our everyday life.

when we take a closer look at them, using our full capacity as

Human-Beings we might find that there are other ways of living

and dealing with the things we must do in this world.


And so, for that purpose we start this 'Being Everyday' Online group.

in which we acknowledge our two main aspects, Human and Being.

'Human' would be that which is experienced

through our mind (thoughts and emotions)

'Being' would be that which we experienced

through the free sense of being (I exists).


We are using voice exercises in a way that deals exactly

with these two aspects of ourselves, Human/Sound - Being/Breath.

And we talk, check, clarify, ask, bring the stuff that we are

dealing with.


I warmly invite you to this important inquiry.

If you feel inspired, please contact me and i will send you

the details of our next course

Love and Freedom to all of us



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