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The Great Revolution

The great revolution started with the man whose passion for freedom grew over all other passions . Leading this revolution, is anyone who sees his liberation from the tyranny of his mind as A must. This is the mother of all revolutions. Most such events begin as a reaction to an impossible life situations that one can not leave with anymore and therefor is ready to sacrifice everything . Even though it can be a very powerful and meaningful event in the human story, it is only a preparation for the Great revolution. It requires the rebellious forces to wake up which without it may end up as just another protest. A true rebel Is one who doesn't take any authority for granted . The thing is that as long as we are living within the mind's constructions, means that we have accepted its authority. Which means that only that which we perceive with the mind is considered as real . but in order for our rebel to wake up it needs to experience itself free from the mind, the moment that happens, he will not accept anything less anymore . The rebellious forces are the forces of the inner being or soul which will keep empowering the personal qualities that can serve the rebellion. Such qualities will in time allow the letting go of personality all together. in that point, these qualities will cease to be relevant.

There is an obvious fear that when the leadership of the mind is gone we will fall into the chaos of the unknown. But isn't it what we are hoping for? Something totally fresh and not recycled ? Something which is coming by itself, row and wiled, untamed straight from the source, something that needs no interpretations or filtering of any kind, something which is fully alive. This revolution is the only way anything can really evolve in the human story.

Those who have gone through this knows what is waiting on the other side. But it is not about following some promises of a better life, it's about reaching a point when we understand that there is no choice. We just got so absolutely disillusioned with life as it is and we just have to do something about it.

If you are wandering how to join the revelation, know that if you are reading this article , you are most likely already a rebel.

Viva la revolucion and a big hug to all of you brave rebels.


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