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Since we are living in a vibrational world, I would like to share this vibration device with you, it is called a Drum. When I make it, I begin from nothing and watch how it became a thing of beauty and power.

I really love making these drums, i love everything about it,
the vision of it, the material, the work which is a kind of a conversation with the spirit of it,
and the birth of it which every time is something else and each drum is a different character.

I like to let each drum direct its appearance, there for the style of my drum is quite eclectic.
they varied from middle eastern frame drums for playing music to Ceremonial Shaman Drums.


They are all the result of many years of playing and holding voice and sound workshops.
The years of practicing and teaching sound and voice work helped me understand what do i need in a drum and from there it became easier for me to feel what others may need as well.

When you order a drum, you let me know a bit about your needs, sometimes I ask for a short recording of your voice for sound inspiration and together we design your drum.
You may of course choose a drum which was already made and is waiting for you.

We also make bags for the drums, all made by hand with good quality materials and soft insides for the protection of the drum.

All the materials I use are natural, skin and wood are selected according to the need of the drum.

These photos are of different styles of drums i make, when you choose a drum, i make it specially for you

You can order a customised bag for your drum.
The drums can be shipped to anywhere you want (almost).

Photo Gallery

This page is presenting Shai Dayan's drummaking activity under the name of lamadruma.

Click here if you want to know more about workshops and Voice Being work.

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