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We invite you to join us in a four day workshop in southern Portugal.
Introducing an in-depth exploration with three unique and highly experienced teachers to guide
you in the profound and fundamental aspects of a spiritual practice.
Each day will be a journey of voice, breath, meditation and self-enquiry to unfold and strengthen
your own self discovery.


Voice Being with Shai Dayan

Behind every sound and light there is an infinite space of silence and that is who we are.

"Self inquiry through the medium of voice and music is extremely useful. it can serve us as a key
which opens a door to our true nature as peaceful freedom. It can take us so deep until there will
be no more use for a key because there are no doors anywhere, only one vast space of
presence."  Shai Dayan

The Voice Being experience is both deep and joyful as it leads us to meet our true nature
and ask essential questions about it. Through this experience we can discover the simplicity of
silence as pure presence, joy and childlike playfulness. This can be useful for anybody interested
in deepening awareness of his or her voice, body, mind and spirit .
It is a simple practice that brings self inquiry into our daily life, into our basic activities, with
our bodies, on the floor, in movement and in the space, with each other. In song, in dance,
directly experiencing our true nature as pure presence.
No previous experience of working with voice or body is expected or needed in order to
fully benefit from this work.



Pranayam with Yossi Dayan

''The quality of your breath will determine the quality of your life. The end result is
realizing your own true nature as immortal and blissful. That is why I practice.”   Yossi Dayan

From the moment we wake up, we are beset by the entire emotional and mental
spectrum. The mind and body are agitated and peaceless—rarely still. As our mind and
breath are intimately intertwined, if we can still the breath, we can still the mind. With
a still mind we can live in peace and freedom.

With a profound and light approach Yossi encourages each student to directly
experience and explore the subtleties of the ancient and enduring science of breath.
This workshop presents a in-depth study of the fundamentals of Yogic breath and
introduces the basic techniques of Pranayam. It offers an authentic and meaningful first
step to experience the invaluable understanding and mastery of breath. No prior
experience is necessary.
This Pranayam workshop and these techniques
offer the following benefits:
• Overall health
• Revitalizing and purifying the body • Calming the nervous system, resulting in tranquility and peace
• Relieving mental and emotional agitation and stress
• Unfolding a deeper, meditative state of consciousness

Yossi Dayan, Pranayam Master

Meditation and Chanting with Vistar
With the powerful tools of self-inquiry, meditation and chanting
we can begin to explore the underlying state of oneness, the source of no "other.”

The teachings of Advaita Vedanta, non-dualism guide us to
attend and be absorbed in the field of the unchanging. However, it is
imperative that we engage in a direct experience of the unchanging,
without which this pursuit is futile. The path of freedom is not an
intellectual or conceptual exercise. It necessitates a complete
transformation. An overwhelming letting go of personal concepts. A
blank canvas, if you will, a purified space that is beyond all forms,
physical, emotional and intellectual. A sublime awareness, a clarity
that contains the whole, is beyond the whole.
Now the question needs to be addressed; how do we attain this freedom from duality?How
do we initiate a journey of self-discovery?
Meditation and chanting are powerful tools that unfold a continuous source of inspiration
and revelatory awareness. The state of reflection and absorption that evolves in mediation, the concentrated immersion and expression of sound, tuning into the source of sound and the
ensuing transcendence are a consistent reminder of what is our indestructible reality and joy.
Mediation and chanting allow us one a continual revisiting of that unique, transcendent
experience. A path of self-reflection of our true nature, the nature of freedom itself.

About Vistar visit:

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