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Ceremonial Shaman Drum
  • Ceremonial Shaman Drum


    You can use your drum for personal rituals or public ceremonies. It will become a companion and friend in your journey.
    The drums made in this way have a powerful, deep vibration revealed most when played with a stick.


    You can order a customized bag for your drum.

    The drums are made with wood and goat skin and have handlers and sticks made of pieces of wood locally collected in Alentejo, Portugal.

    Every drum I make is a unique piece, with its own character and sound.

    Their sonority changes depending on temperature and air humidity. Anytime you find your drum is sounding low, you can help it by placing it in a warm and dry place or using delicately direct stream of warm air e.g. of hair dryer.


    This page is presenting Shai Dayan's drummaking activity under the name of lamadruma.

    Click here if you want to know more about workshops and Voice Being work.

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