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The Voice-Being practice is a special opportunity to inquire into

our story as Human-Beings.

The practice suggests that as Human Beings we are experiencing

ourselves and the world from two different perspectives,

one is the Human perspective and the other

is the Being perspective.

We can look at our voice in the same way,

sound is the human aspect and breath represents the universal being..

Events on Voice Being

I feel that the sacred language is our way of bringing back magic, mystery and authenticity to our everyday life, it is when the spirit is consciously participating in the conversation.

Download 4 recorded meetings plus addition information .

"...Improvisation is an invitation to explore the unknown, simple as that. To find out what happens when we stop following what our habits, preferences, education, traumas, expectations and fears are telling us to do, rather allow ourselves to surrender to pure inspiration with full trust.." 


There are many behavior patterns that are ruling our everyday life.

when we take a closer look at them, using our full capacity as

Human-Beings we might find that there are other ways of living

and dealing with the things we must do in this world.

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In the privet meeting I can see how you breath, I can hear your voice clearly, where does it come from and how does it flow. We can pay attention to how do you listen and how does your attention move. You can describe your experience in details and express freely what ever comes, study closely your own way.

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