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The voice as a guide

On-line course
" If there is any real trace of miracle, of phenomena, of wonder, it is the voice."
Hazrat Inayat Khan
 One of our main challenges in this life is to find the way to bring both the Human and the Godly aspects of ourselves back into our original state, Peace.

By birth we were given the perfect instrument with which we can be guided back to our original harmony, The voice.
In its core the voice is the manifestation of both the uniqueness of the Human/sound and the universality of the Being/breath As one.

In the course we observe the voice phenomena as a key for a greater understanding of ourselves and as a practical spiritual practice.

The practice is inspired by Hindu, Sufi and Jewish mystic traditions 
incorporated within Shai's direct experience and years of research.

The study:
Through the voice we can

strengthen our concentration.

Sharpen our attention.

Expend our observation.

Deepen our meditation.

We practice feeling of voice vibration in the body,
the actual manifestation of sound in our physical world.

learning how to direct this voice vibration to different parts of our system, reliving and energizing them.

We explore how this free and wiled voice can be devised
within the language we use.

We acknowledge the two dimension of language, the language of the Human and the language of the Being.
And how all of that can lead us back to where it came from,
silence, peaceful silence.

Love to all.
We meet for 4 sessions on Mondays, at 17:00 Lisbon time.
Each session is 1 hour and 15 minutes. (+ -)

Starting Monday the 04th of October
The price for the course is 75 Euros. 
The sessions will be recorded and sent to all participants.

You can pay by card, through the "Join us" button,

Or Bank transfer :
Asher Shai Dayan                                                                                         Iban: PT50-0033 0000 4553200981205
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